Steps in the Quality Assurance Cycle

These are the steps in the six-year quality assurance cycle:

  • ISASA notifies member schools via email that a quality assurance visit will take place and shares a copy of the Standards & Indicators.
  • Schools complete a reply slip to confirm their participation.
  • OISESA communicates the exact dates of the visit to the school and shares the Guidelines for Schools and the template for the Self-Study Report.
  • The Head, together with the Senior Leadership Team, appoints their Quality Assurance Team and the Team Leader, and begins their self-study.
  • The school sends the OISESA surveys to stakeholders at least six weeks before the visit. Links to the surveys are provided by OISESA and need to be completed within five days. OISESA collates the survey information and shares this with the school to help clarify key focus areas.
  • The Mentor(s) are introduced, and they set up an initial online meeting with the Head to clarify the process, at least six weeks before the onsite visit.
  • The Mentor works with the Team Leader to arrange online training for the team, at least three weeks ahead of the school visit.
  • The school submits their draft Self-Study Report to the Mentor at least two weeks prior to the school visit, together with a digital portfolio of evidence.
  • The Mentor completes the onsite school visit over three days.
  • The school submits their final Self-Study Report to the Mentor two weeks after the onsite visit.
  • The Mentor completes and shares the Mentor’s Report with the school.
  • The Mentor submits both reports to OISESA.
  • A Quality Assurance Certificate is sent to the school by OISESA. In addition, schools may add the OISESA logo to their website / letterheads.
  • OISESA sends the final reports to ISASA.
  • Schools complete a feedback report for OISESA.
  • After a period of three years, schools submit a brief Interim Progress Report to OISESA.