Margot Long, the newly appointed Executive Director, worked with ISASA to draft a set of globally aligned Standards & Indicators for quality assurance in schools. Global advice was sought from ICAISA (International Council Advancing Independent Schools’ Accreditation) and from CIS (Council of International Schools) along with several other global agencies. However, it is equally important that these standards recognise the complexity and diversity of independent schooling in Southern Africa.

The Draft Standards & Indicators were shared with Heads of Southern African schools in June 2022, calling for comment and feedback. In addition, a series of online workshops were held during July to discuss the process with Heads.

The Pilot Phase was completed across a diverse range of 55 schools around Southern Africa, during September and October 2022. Feedback from this process enabled a full revision of the Standards & Indicators for 2023.

Bespoke versions of these Standards & Indicators have been developed and a pilot programme for will run during 2023.

“Self-reflection is always a great experience and I commend ISASA and OISESA for their move towards a more holistic evaluation for schools, incorporating all the aspects of its operations, and a focus on wellbeing.”


OISESA secured an associate membership with ICAISA during August 2022. In five years’ time, we hope to attain full membership of this globally renowned organisation.